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NPCoin is using a hybrid design of Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS)

for minting. The PoW provide the initial minting block, and PoS minting will generate new NPcoins based on coin age hashing concept. The minting process is secured, does not consume much electricity, do not need special hardwares, create no energy wastage and is environmental friendly.


Powerful Anti Inflation

Anti Inflation is well preserved by a strong community based that hold coins for physical usage in the marketplace and keeping for future value appreciation. New coins production will reduce when market price goes up and sustaining high demands for NPCoins.

Exchangeable and conveniently liquid to cash

NPCoin can be liquidated into Fiat Money / Cash so easily via Exchanger and also via peer to peer market.

Eco-Green Minting & Eco-friendly Mining for more coins

Not same with other coins, NPCoin Minting and Mining are environmental friendly because we do not use much electricity and non-Hardware for Minting-Mining processes. We only use WEB-BASED Minting-Mining system that specially developed and designed by our Core Team to make sure is ECO-GREEN.

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